Friday 23rd February, 6.30pm - 8pm


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Immerse yourself in the film 'The Cycle,' a psychological drama centred around a Black Deaf woman who endures the haunting trauma of domestic violence. Additionally, immerse yourself in the daily thoughts and emotions of this Black Deaf woman as she copes with her traumatic experiences.

Film synopsis:

A Black Deaf woman who is caught up in domestic violence and lost in translation. But should this be taken at face value?

She's lonely. In fact, abused and trapped in silence by her abuser. The trauma she experiences from the abuse means she is unable to live a normal life. Until one day, she builds up the courage and grabs an opportunity. Police officers arrive at her house. Will she be heard? Will the police protect her? Or will she be another statistic? Things do not turn out the way she expected.

Due to a rights issue, this event will not be livestreamed.


Vilma Jackson Productions



The Film Collaborative

About this activity 

Event type: Film & Q+A

Age guidance: This activity is recommended for ages 15+.  

Content warning: This activity contains explicit language and violence.

Duration: This activity is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. 

Interval: This activity will not have an interval.

Pre/post event activity: This event promises an enriching experience, featuring the film screening and an engaging panel discussion with the director and actors.

Tickets: Tickets cost £5 - £40 and are available to purchase through Eventbrite. 


Vilma Jackson Productions will provide captioning.

Due to a rights issue, this event will not be livestreamed.

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Find out more about Vilma Jackson Productions

Vilma Jackson is an award-winning performance artist who works across various art forms, such as film, stage, television, music video, and theatre. She is also a skilled filmmaker and director who effectively uses film to highlight critical social justice issues.

Vilma Jackson Productions is committed to producing distinctive art pieces that promote awareness of the social injustices experienced by the Deaf community and society as a whole. Through her artistic works, she strives to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation of this marginalised group's unique challenges and obstacles. Her objective is to ignite positive change and progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Facebook: /VCRJ90

Instagram: @vcrj90_productions

Threads: @vcrj90_productions

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Our Social Model...&More Festival took places across Theatre Deli's Sheffield and London venues in November 2023, the festival, which has been curated by artist Caroline Mawer, explores new perspectives on disability and the relationship between disabled people and the world around them.

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