It’s nearly Christmas and the elves are hard at work...

Except two of them...

They’re here to tell you a story, the story of how they saved Christmas...

Full of music, madness and mischief - this is a show about friendship, bravery, and how even the smallest act of kindness can change someone's life forever...

Come and join Motley-Minded Cobblers in this brand new take on the classic Christmas story!

Ethel and Gingerbread are determined to save Christmas, but throw in a struggling shoe shop, elf exams and an online influencer or two, and will the elves ever save everything in time? Or will they learn that it’s not always the big, courageous deeds that matter the most The perfect show for getting in the Christmassy spirit!

Suitable for kids, big kids, and everyone in between!



Audience feedback

'An absolutely stonkin’ show'

'A great cheering up to be had by all'

'Fun, Laughter, Giggles & Songs -just what you need for a cracking Christmas Show!'

'I recommend it to everyone. I was exhausted just watching!'

About Motley-Minded Cobblers

Hello! We are Motley-Minded Cobblers - or just The Cobblers to our friends!

We create musical, magical, fantastical theatre for Kids, Big Kids and Everyone in between!

We are the sister company of Cream-Faced Loons, known for their fresh takes on Shakespeare, and using our shared unique style of Mischief and Mayhem, The Cobblers ore bringing brand new stories to life in ways that are always EXCITING, ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE.

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