VOID explores the thought patterns, the struggle with anxiety and the battles of breaking free from it to getting help.

“I’m hunting...searching for something outside of me, because inside I feel this...

VOID explores Alisha’s self-identity conflict in a battle between the imprisonment of her mind and the freedom that comes with acceptance of her mental health.

“Everybody has a choice.”

Will Alisha become the jailer of her fate or the angel of her freedom?

A drama that uses movement and abstract elements to portray silence and language in a toxic partnership with the mind. VOID explores the thought patterns of mental health and the battles of breaking free from an anxiety disorder in the mind of Alisha and the realisation of getting help.

As a trigger warning you can expect portrayal of mental health difficulties; suicide and addiction, and mild profanity.

"VOID allows the often suppressed topics of mental health a space to be voiced and explored. The play is raw but treats the topic with an acquired sensitivity." Audience member

Age guidance: 16+ 

Content warning: Possible mild strobe lighting (flashing lights). As a trigger warning expect portrayal of mental health difficulties: suicide and addiction, and mild profanity.

Duration: Show: 7pm -8.30pm/8.45pm. There will be a short interval before a post show Q&A: 20 minutes. 

Cast and Creatives:

Alisha: Antonia Kleopa

Alex: Naomi Hyatt Golding

Lara/Therapist: Tia Scarlett 

Movement Director: Kelly Horne

Director: Belle Bao

Writer: Antonia Kleopa

Tech/Sound design: Andrea Esposito


About Antonia Kleopa:

Antonia Kleopa is a British/ Greek-Cypriot actress and writer. She has written her first stage play VOID which is an edgy contemporary play concerning mental health. She is a poet who recently took part in The Space’s online festival ‘Who Can I be?’. Her poems have been featured in magazines and online platforms; Safe and Sound Press, Orange blush zine and Perspective Art Project. Her contemporary writing style focuses on physical movement and abstract elements combined with poetry. She’s also writing a screenplay called ‘PEACE’ and currently filming a short independent film based in Spain called ‘Us.’

Find out more about Antonia Kleopa:

Instagram: @antonia_kleo
Twitter: @antoniakleopa


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