“Funny and engaging, and the cast was great!”

Feral Bird Theatre bring you a live-digital hybrid show about information, conspiracies, and conspiracy theories. We ask why people believe the things they do and how conspiracy theories spread. Come journey into a world where the narratives are flipped upside-down. You'll become an integral member of our community, helping us find out what “They” don't want you to know. It may be silly or it may be sinister, but the truth will be exposed. Curiosity is essential. Tin-foil not required. Rabbit Hole is for those who regularly have arguments with loved ones about conspiracies. It's for anyone who is tired of being angry on the internet. It's for anyone who doesn't understand how anyone can really believe this stuff. If you choose an interactive ticket, you’ll get a few extra surprises along the way.

Interval: This performance does not have an interval.

Content warning: Explores conspiracy theory and real conspiracies, including potentially distressing ones. Some references to death.

Age guidance: 12+ Because of potentially distressing references described above.

Find out more about Feral Bird Theatre:

Feral Bird Theatre was created in 2021 by lead artist Julia Vita with the aim of working across disciplines to create immersive worlds in which the audience member becomes a participant. As an ensemble of 5 performers and a creative technologist, we devise work that is entertaining, thought-provoking, and subversive. Rabbit Hole is Feral Bird Theatre’s first production. This show has previously been developed as a digital performance during a residency with Applecart Arts. SHIFT+SPACE will be the first time that we integrate an in-person audience alongside the digital viewers.

Website: www.feralbirdtheatre.com

Facebook: /feralbirdttheatre

Instagram: @feralbirdtheatre

Twitter: @bird_feral

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