Metamorphoses (Work in Progress) is a radical, queer reimagining of Ovid’s classic poem from the 1st century.

Mixing pop culture junk and garish absurdist comedy with staunch classicism, Metamorphoses rips apart and remixes these primal stories to explore the transformations that are taking place in our conceptions of gender, sexuality and power in contemporary society.

A voyeurist who is ripped apart by his own hounds, a predator who eats his own son in a soup, a seer who shifts between genders at the whim of the Gods.

The stories in Metamorphoses are at the core of our literary DNA and, for better and for worse, reflect heavily on the contemporary experiences of queer people today.

Let’s tear up the book and see what we find!

Age guidance: 18+

Duration: 40 - 60 minutes (subject to change in upcoming rehearsals) 

Content warning: References to sexual violence, references to cannibalism and scenes of a sexual nature. Please note this content list will be updated closer to the time of the performance. 

Find out more about Jimmy Justice:
Instagram: @jimmydjustice
Facebook: @jacob.justice.mate


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