Friday 12th April, 7pm - 7.45pm and Saturday 13th April, 7pm - 7.45pm

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With inspiration from William Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, “Black Bird” is a commentary on and a reflection of the act of freedom and liberation against the harsh judgements and stereotypes bestowed upon Black women.

In the midst of the continuous subjection to racism and the scolding of our distinctiveness from whiteness but also our proximity to it as well, Black Women are seen as anomalies. Like Macbeth, a woman coined as ruthless and filled with anger, Black Women have unwillingly adopted these terms by society and have been forced to lower ourselves in a multitude of ways because of it.

Black Bird” works to amplify the reasons behind societal attitudes about Black Women and serves as a moment of catharsis for the internal feelings that can’t always be expressed by Black women.

About this performance

Age guidance: There is no age guidance for this performance.

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Jaelon is an American actress and performer, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi. Her artistic background includes theatre, dance, and vocal music. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Acting from the Illustrious Howard University, she began her pursuit of higher education to further her knowledge and passion for theatre. Motivated and influenced by honest and reflective storytelling, Jaelon uses her craft to amplify the stories that aren’t often told. Growing up, she was surrounded by the performing arts and witnessed the power of expression and creativity, understanding the healing that can be transpired through the arts. Focusing on stories that dispel the narratives of the nuclear family, the misconceptions of Blackness, and her womanhood, Jaelon utilizes her love and talent for theatre to speak truth to her experiences and all those alike. 

Twitter: @jaelonkennedy

Instagram: @jaelonkennedy


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