Black Lives Natter

Is a new UK podcast and platform for black voices to be heard. BLN host Eljai Morais has a natter about lived experience as a Black Briton.

Black Lives Natter wants to create a place of celebration, of introspection, a place that upholds the many voices and intersectional stories of Black and Brown people in the UK. A platform of understanding, community, sharing and awareness. An informal place to have a bit of a chat; a natter.

Black Lives Natter is launching its Community Outreach programme, and as part of that is introducing BLN-WRITE at Theatre Deli London.

Are you a Black /Dual Heritage/Mixed/Global Majority Woman? Are you a writer and a survivor of abuse? Then Black Lives Natter would like to hear from you. Whether you are a beginner or a weathered veteran writer.Talk, listen, write, learn to give your voice and creations a space to be read and heard.

Eljai Morais host and creator of Black Lives Natter will be running a two-weekly, women’s writing group starting June 2022. Eljai herself is a survivor, and understands the value of re-writing past traumas for future positive change. Or just the value of free-writing and letting your unconscious do the work.

With group check-ins, writing exercises and the opportunity to share your work in a safe, non-judgmental space, join facilitator Eljai for these free drop-in sessions.There are also limited remote spaces available for those with access requirements or are not London residents. For more information or to book a place please fill in the form on the Community page on our website.

Black Lives Natter is a self-funded endeavour and as so relies upon friends, family, arts funding and philanthropy to keep afloat. Find out ways to support us through donations of time, skills or financial support.

Dates and times:

Bi-weekly on Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm 

June 29
July 13, 27
Aug 10, 24
Sep 7, 21
Oct 5, 19
Nov 2, 16, 30
Dec 14, 21
Jan 4, 18, 25

Register for in person or remote attendance here: