Behind Closed Doors is an online scratch night showcasing the work of writers of underrepresented genders, who are are exploring themes of sex, bodies and intimacy in their work.

Featuring rehearsed readings of four short plays, this night will be be asking how much have important conversations around sex opened up – are we actually more liberated? Or just finding new ways to take issues with our bodies? 

A lot of people also still aren’t being invited to take part in this conversation around sex and bodies, and the plays included in Behind Closed Doors will particularly look at how sex interacts with other areas of identity, including how sex and non-Western cultures co-exist, and how sex is discussed in non-heteronormative relationships. 

Filmed at Theatre Deli, the night will be streamed straight to your living room as part of Theatre Deli’s LiveFromDeli programme. Launched on 16th November, you can watch Behind Closed Doors on-demand anytime until the 7th December. Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can.

The four plays are: 

Swallow by lydia luke

16 by Lucy Foster

Do You Know Who You Are by Atticus Francis

Agender by Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Filmed at Theatre Deli, the plays are available to watch on-demand until the 7th December. Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can.

lydia luke is a young Black woman wearing a light scarf around her head. Black and white photo against a light background Lucy Foster, a young white woman with shoulder length hair and her arms folded. Black and white photo.

lydia luke is a Black woman poet, playwright and facilitator based in Epsom. Her work has been published by Lungs Project, Amber Gallery, Guts Publishing and more. She was in this year's Intro to Playwriting at the Royal Court. She co-facilitates PRISM, a feedback group for Black women and non-binary writers and is artistic manager of Culford Company (@culfordcompany). Her mandate is to examine the heart and the human condition thru the perspectives of Black British people. To write towards us from a place of empathy, care and deep respect. She read for Fury 3 in Lucy Kirkwood’s Maryland.

Lucy Foster is a writer and director for theatre, audio, and screen based in London. Recent projects include: developing a new play, BIRCH, as part of Hampstead Theatre’s INSPIRE programme; shortlisted for Soho Theatre’s Verity Bargate Award with feminist horror play HONEY; developing an original comedy TV series and horror feature with Matt Charman’s company Binocular Productions; developing a feminist play for young audiences as part of the LEH Write the Girl initiative; and developing a horror comedy audiodrama with Audible. She’s interested in unearthing untold stories, and seeking feminist narratives in ambitious and unexpected genres. Lucy is represented by Jennifer Thomas at United Agents.
Atticus Francis is a white non-binary person who wears black rimmed glasses and has blonde hair. Gayathiri Kamalakanthan is a South-East Asian person wearing glasses, gold earring and their hair in a bun.

Atticus Francis is a Non-Binary/Genderfluid writer (pronouns They/Them), who was raised in Brighton, East Sussex. Having studied Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne University London, they furthered their enthusiasm for storytelling and specialised screenwriting. They have a love for all genres of film, television and theatre, writing everything from Romantic Comedy to Horror. Growing up Atticus had a passion for stage, even training to be an actor before transitioning to behind the scenes. Despite their young age, Atticus is inspired to tell the stories of marginalised groups in society, as positive representation is something they hold dearly to them.

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan is a Tamil playwright and sex & relationships educator. Their work focuses on the shapeability/queering of the future and aims to dismantle the idea of a ‘universally correct culture.’ Gayathiri is interested in stories that center gender nonconforming folks of colour that ask: how might we practice and embody freedom? Gayathiri is on attachment at the Oxford Playhouse via their Playhouse Playmaker scheme and is working with ThisEgg on The Family Sex Show. As a facilitator, Gayathiri delivers arts-based workshops with School of Sexuality Education, Decolonising Contraception and Inclusive Tamil Arts.

Underpresented genders includes cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalised.

This night is staged by Lemon House Theatre, a company making vibrant work that connects artists and audiences. They have previously staged a double bill of shows at Bunker Theatre, a scratch night at St. Margaret’s House, and produced the audio series Lemon Lounge during the 2020 pandemic. 

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Tickets: Pay What You Can 

Location: Online

With your Pay What You Can ticket you can stream Behind Closed Doors on-demand until 7 December. On 24th November catch the Behind Closed Doors Panel discussion.

Facebook: /lemonhousetheatre

Twitter: @lemonhousetc

Instagram: @lemonhousetheatre

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