With two beef-steaks hanging from her labia, Queer, Feminist Performance-Artist & Clown, ELOINA, stages a riotous rebellion against labia-shaming and cosmetic Labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is the surgery to make the labia smaller/more symmetrical. 9-year-olds are requesting and receiving it ON THE N.H.S. Medical professionals blame this on the lack of visibility of varied vulvas. SO IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE THE SH*T OUT OF OUR VULVAS. Prepare to raise a glass to your labia & the labia of loved ones. Prepare to raise a middle finger to butchering your body for the aesthetics of another. Prepare for epic performance-art & comedy clowning as ELOINA hangs steaks from her labia, butchers them & sizzles them on a hot-plate. Her work is “like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” Audiences “wish (they) watched this when (they) were younger.” So come before you get any older.


Outside Eyes: Louise Orwin, Amy Gwilliam & Frankie Thompson

Sound Design by Sammy Metcalfe

Initially developed in partnership with PARL (Performance Art Research, Ljubljana)

Age guidance: 16+ Full frontal nudity & visceral discussion

Interval: This performance does not have an interval.

Content warning: 

Nudity, strong language, use of raw meat, depiction & discussion of medical procedures.

Find out more about ELOINA:

ELOINA is a queer performance artist & clown.

She aims to make the visceral, body-based grotesqueness of live art more accessible by peppering it with comedy clowning.

Her work looks like exploding jars of honey, sounds like the sound you hear when you are completely submerged underwater, tastes like fireworks, feels like sun behind your eyelids and smells like a room full of rotting meat.

The work encourages us to speak about the things we don’t speak about, primarily around the non-cis-male body.

ELOINA holds audiences absolutely comfortable in the conversations that are utterly uncomfortable.

Instagram: @eloinaaart

Facebook: @eloinaaart

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