Above Your Nerve: A Course For Kings
Strap in lads, this year is - yet again - The Year Of The King. Come and explore gender in performance, take up space, draw on a beard, achieve new levels of crazy with shoulder pads, thrust your dick about on stage, learn how to be whatever your version of a drag king is, with seasoned/weathered pro, Len Blanco. This 7 week course (with a tasty little showcase in the final week) will take you through different approaches to creating material for a 3 - 5 minute  act, build your confidence and performance skills, and help you develop your personal drag aesthetic. Along the way you'll be part of a mini community of people on the same journey. What's not to love?
Dates and times:  Wednesdays, 6.30pm - 9pm, from 15th June - 27th July
Showcase at The Museum of Comedy in the final week (Wednesday 27th July).  
Price:  £180 (£165 concessions)
Instagram: @ayntheatre