When popular media consistently portrays women through the lens of heterosexual cis men, how can we avoid internalising it? What effect does this have on our treatment of ourselves and others? We invite artists to submit pieces that eschew the ‘male gaze’ in favour of the female.

This International Women’s Day, Theatre Deli & Dark Yellow Dot present ‘The Female Gaze,’ a group exhibition to take place at Theatre Deli’s Broadgate location.
We’re looking for finished pieces within 3ft x 6ft of any medium (except performance) that represent women’s ownership of their own sexuality and experiences.
Pieces must be exhibition ready by the morning of 3rd March.
The exhibition will run from 4th March- 6th April at Theatre Deli Broadgate, EC2M 2PF.
The open evening will take place on 6th March.
Applications Close Friday January 25th, 2019 at 11pm. Apply here.