We're always hearing about what it's like to be an performer in London, but what about the other creative professions? We want to hear from the programmers, the FOH coordinators, the designers...and today:

Duty Manager at Theatre Deli Broadgate, Vicky Olusanya.

Vicky is a theatre maker who trained at National Youth Theatre, Soho Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Rose Bruford.

She has a theatre review blog, Vicky Loves Theatre because who loves fringe theatre? Vicky loves fringe theatre! 

06:00: Awoken by my partner, who will be opening up the Deli café. He is far too hyper for this time of day.

06:30: Have a coughing fit. Shouldn’t have had a cigarette last night, quit not long ago. Use inhaler. Fall back asleep.

08:30: After snoozing my alarm twice, I get up and get ready for work. Tell myself I will walk in to work today.

09:30: In Sainsbury’s getting some snacks. Realise I am 5 minutes too late to be walking to work.

09:45: Get to the tube station. Has my travelcard expired? Thankfully the gateline lets me in, travelcard’s still valid.

10:05: Get an oat milk late from the bar, made by partner. Have a chat with Jimmy. I can’t decide whether I like his new glasses or not. (Not shade, we spoke about this. Apparently, they’ve gotten mixed reviews.)

10:10: Sit down at the revamped office space upstairs. Check my emails with breakfast.

10:30: Chat to Peter about the upcoming self-tape studio and sorting out some painting for the member’s desk area. Plans for new plants made!

10:35: Peter gets a call from Emma, overnight 15 more children book onto our Dia de Los Muertos mask workshop at the Old Library. I’m asked if I would mind spending the afternoon making masks with children.

11:00: Keep bumping into people on the way out, embroiled in chats but manage to eventually get down to the Old Library.

13:00: Emma gives me a run-down of what the workshop is, I get to meet the wonderful Charles and Miguel from Mandinga Arts who will be running the workshop. We put on some music and set up the space for the arrival.

14:00: The first families arrive, and we learn about how the masks are created by vac forming. And learn more about the designs used in Mexico.

15:00: The second group of young people join us and decorating really gets underway! I get stuck in too and decorate a red skull. I try to help with moulding, this is running twists of foam in front of a hot blast of air… It’s not as easy as Charles made it look.

17:00: People are starting to leave, but a few stay for my favourite part… the GLITTER! After applying glitter to masks, we begin to pack up.

18:00: Everything’s been put away, and I’m off home. Thinking about the writing I’ve got left to do.

19:00: Get home, realise the boiler’s not working, again. Put some food on and set to work on my last essay for my masters, periodically getting distracted by the unpublished reviews for my blog.