We're always hearing about what it's like to be an performer in London, but what about the other creative professions? We want to hear from the programmers, the venue managers, the designers...and today:

Bar Manager of Theatre Deli Broadgate, Sophie Nahmad

Sophie was born and raised in London. She holds a degree in economics from City, University of London. Prior to joining us at Theatre Deli she worked as a pastry & events chef at the Royal Court and owned and operated her own catering company, The Little Yolk. Read on for a day in her life...

08:00am:  Snooze my alarm. Meeko, my cat, is far too comfy so I can’t move a muscle.

08:20am: I get up and make a hot lemon water while getting ready for work. Answering text messages from the bar about missing keys/deliveries/sick staff members while feeding Meeko.

09:15am:  I’m on the 78 bus going at 2 miles per hour over Tower Bridge. Golden opportunity to reply to emails & book events in the calendar while listening to LCD Soundsystem

10:00: I approach the café & scowl at the flowerbeds that are deluged with cigarette butts. I make a mental note to get someone to clear them. Forget immediately.

10:01: Check in with all the café staff. Ask about their weekends/evenings/how that play was/ new haircut. Then hope they offer to make me an Old Spike flat white with 1 brown sugar.

10:15: I walk around the space straightening menus, reshuffling food display & catching up with my staff. I stick my head into the kitchen & get told what lunch will be. Carrot & Coriander soup & fresh salads, yum! 

10:30: Heading upstairs I find a cosy/quiet spot in the rehearsal studios. This is particularly important today as it’s a finance day. I dive into more emails to try and postpone the inevitable pain of endless excel sheets & invoices.

10:35: Spread sheets, pie charts, gross profit….this continues for a good few hours.

14:00: Down to the café for a late lunch! Magic Mushroom grilled cheese sandwich, Fentiman’s rose lemonade & a bag of sweet chilli crisps.

15:00: Always entertaining, content meeting with the head of marketing. We plan for the Assistant Manager to wear bunny ears & record an Easter message from Deli. He won’t mind.

16:00: I meet with my drinks supplier. He’s got a new Japanese Gin that he wants us to try. Not a problem! New favourite drink: Kokoro Gin, Fever Tree tonic, sansho berries & fresh ginger.

17:00: Slightly tipsy after a few too many gins, I get the bar ready for a busy Thursday night. FourPure beer stocked up, candles burning. Chat to staff about the band that’s playing that night.

18:00: I should be leaving to make it on time to a show at The National Theatre but hang around for a quick matcha latte & chat about new cocktail ideas with Jimmy, the Assistant Manager. I desperately try to squeeze ideas out of him as he’s given his notice to pursue an acting career.

18:45: Realise I’m very very late. Run out the door, forgetting my laptop on the bar. Hopefully Jimmy puts it in the staff room…