My experience with BasicSpace Festival 2017 can be broken down into two areas: pre-festival and festival period. 
The pre-festival required the team and I to be very flexible, as managed the festival whilst also doing other projects as well. Some times we were able to take our time, some times we had urgent issues that required us to drop everything and crack on! That's why having the support of Theatre Deli was invaluable. We always had a base to meet, I always had a place I could use to 100% focus on BasicSpace and we had other companies around to field questions or ask for help from. 

During the pre-festival period I was working as the Marketing Officer with a few Producing responsibilities peppered in there. From day one the team just let me crack on, supporting me on important days such as the festival programme announcement day, ticket launch day and the main festival. It was inspiring to have a group of people who I could always lean on, but who also would not micro-manage me and let me fly with my ideas. That goes for the core team and people at Theatre Deli like Danielle, Dan and Peter who would always be happy to hear me rant with a calming smile on their faces. 

During the festival period it was all hands on deck...or in this case...all hands on the abandoned building. There was a beautiful way in which the team and participating companies worked together like a well oiled machine. Since we all had our own areas to co-ordinate, we all managed one another depending on what the problem was. Our team communication is strong, so nothing ever surprised us and meant we could take on any challenge presented. Working in buildings like Safehouses 1 & 2 naturally present difficulty, but like any problem in our industry if we communicate clearly, keep focussed and calm we can deal with anything. 

Theatre Deli started in similar circumstances to us, which we take as a massive vote of confidence for the future of our work.