Actor, Comedy Improvisor, and Writer Sadie Clark.

Sadie’s one-woman play Algorithms will be previewing in London at the Old Red Lion on July 12th and Omnibus Theatre on July 18th before heading to The Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Fringe from July 31st-August 26th. Full details here.

8:30am: My alarm goes off. It’s one of those old battery powered ones which I keep on the other side of the room so I actually have to get up and walk over to switch it off (solution to snoozing my phone alarm all the time). Have a moment of panic where I try to remember what day it is and what I’m doing that day… then I take three really big deep breaths because it’s the only thing that makes me feel energised enough to get out of bed…

8:35am: Make my bed. I genuinely can’t start the day unless I’ve done this.

8:40am: End up wasting the first thirty minutes of the day trying to get rid of all the red notification dots on my phone but instead being sucked into scrolling down my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram newsfeed.

9:10am: Kick myself that I haven’t stuck to my new year’s resolution of ‘no phones for the first hour after you wake up’, and then rush to shower, get dressed, have breakfast and pack my bag for the rehearsal day ahead.

9:50am: Walk over to The Corn Hall, which is the Arts Centre I’m rehearsing my play Algorithms at, in my hometown of Diss.

10:00am: Frantically try to reply to more Tweets and Whatsapp messages before I start warming up. It’s as if I think something dreadful will happen if I don’t reply to everyone IMMEDIATELY.

10:10am: Force myself to put my phone away, on silent, and begin warming up. Whenever I’m rehearsing something I get very strict on making sure I warm up my body and voice properly, and always feel guilty that I don’t really keep it up when I’m not working on something.

10:30am: Begin rehearsing with my director Maddy. We’re redeveloping my one-woman play Algorithms, which I wrote on the Soho Theatre writer’s lab in 2018. Since doing two work in progress performances at Soho Theatre last year for their Soho Rising Festival I’ve been successful with Arts Council Funding to redevelop the show for a studio tour. Part of the redevelopment involved interviewing women who work in tech and re-drafting the script based on my research. This week we’re re-blocking and rehearsing the play after those script changes, in preparation for a private sharing for women in tech at Theatre Deli, and a few other preview dates ahead of our Edinburgh Fringe run.

11:45am: I’ll probably break out into song or have a boogie around about this point in rehearsals… either because we’ve finished blocking a section or I just generally have mad energy to release…

12:50pm: My Mum’s told us she’s getting lunch ready at home for 1pm so we break and walk back to mine.

1:00pm: The sun has finally shown it’s face this week so we eat outside looking at my Mum’s beautiful garden where all the peonies are out. Lunch is a delicious homemade spinach and feta filo pie with salad picked from the garden. I think what a change it makes from London to be able to stroll home in five minutes for lunch (made by someone else…).

2:00pm: Back in the rehearsal room we do a run through of the play. It’s the first rehearsal run where I don’t feel self-conscious and fully allow myself to enjoy it. I usually feel incredibly exposed in rehearsals, strangely more exposed than in a theatre with an audience… I think it’s something about the bright overhead lighting and performing to a load of empty seats. When it’s just you on stage the audience are crucial because that’s who you’re having most of the dialogue with, so rehearsing without them can make me feel more vulnerable.

3:45pm: I’m running a writing workshop for the local Bronze Arts Award group at 4pm so we break for the day. Maddy’s had much more experience than I have running workshops so helped me plan this one last night. I go over the notes before the kids start to arrive.

4:00pm: I’m slightly nervous as they come in. They’re a mixed group of 8-14 years old and I feel like I have no concept of what it was like to be that age anymore!?

5:30pm: I bring the workshop to a close as parents start to arrive to collect their kids. I’m surprised at how well it went. They’ve all left with a fleshed out character (honestly some of them were WILDLY IMAGINATIVE) and a bash at a scene in groups of three.

5:45pm: Dash home as it’s now raining (English weather huh?) and lie on my bed for a bit in an attempt to recharge before getting on with my to do list of what I call ‘Life and Show Admin’. It’s basically going through all my emails replying and following up, doing some more social media posting from the show’s account and sorting my freelance work diary out for the following week. It honestly feels never ending at the moment and I find myself wistfully thinking about a life where I don’t feel surgically attached to an electronic device.

7:30pm: My dinner choice is a real rarity - Fish and Chips - something I only ever treat myself to when I’m in Diss because they don’t do Fish and Chips the same in London.

8:30pm: Back at my laptop on the old emails again.

9:30pm: I’m starting to fall asleep (something about the country air) so I close my laptop and contemplate the irony of writing a show about how much I hated being online, then having to spend hours online to promote and organise said show…

10:00pm: Brush my teeth, look at my gums, freak out about receding gums and gum disease so decide to floss.

10:30pm: Spend five minutes grappling with ‘Should I or shouldn’t I watch Love Island in bed?’… I know I should NOT be watching it (terrible for my mental health in terms of thoughts about my body image) but there’s something so mind numbing about it that it feels like it’s exactly what I need right now so I put it on. I also quite like getting indignant about it “Ugh, how outdated is Joe telling Lucie she can’t be friends with guys!?” “GOD it is SO heteronormative. What if I wanted to couple up with Anna!?”.

11:30pm: Turn my light out thinking “I should not have watched it”. Promise myself I won’t watch it tomorrow…

11:35pm: Brain starts subconsciously running lines and worrying. I tell it to be quiet several times before I fall asleep.