Robert Hickerson
Brooklyn, New York

Robert Hickerson is an artist and photographer that creates work within his bedroom closet in Brooklyn, NY. Using a saturation of color, and a fascination with horror movies, he examines themes of violence, desire, privacy, and loss, forming relationships between symbols to make sense of relationships between people. Photography, with its immediacy and malleability, allows Hickerson a platform to examine masculinity, lack of intimacy within queer dating, isolation and depression, and how to relate to people and himself. By materializing inner turmoil into absurdist tableaus he is able to meet pain with humor and wit.

After following a high school crush on social media for a decade, I decided to meet up. Although the passion was there, the communication was not and after six months of making out I found myself waiting weeks on end for a text. “Well, This Was Fun” and “I Tried” were made during this slow death, reflecting on everything that happened, everything that could have been done, and everything that could have been.