1. Say no to the straw!

Join the Evening Standard’s campaign to rid London of plastic, single use straws #thelaststraw. 

2. Reward good behaviour.

Offer discounts for people using reusable coffee cups. You can also sell your own branded coffee cups for people to keep bringing back. Great for branding & the environment!  

3. Get your compost on!

If you MUST use single-use disposables then make sure they are fully compostable. 'Compostable' products are biodegradable, but with an added benefit: when they break down, they release valuable nutrients into the soil, aiding the growth of trees and plants. These products degrade within several months in an industrial composting facility and produce no toxic residues.  We like these.

4.Try a new way of recycling...

Coffee ground collection is a great way to recycle used coffee ground. Your coffee waste is collected & made into advanced biofuels and biochemical, replacing traditional fossil fuels.

5. Food waste? No way!

Don’t let it just go to a landfill! If you separate it from other waste it can be collected & composted.

6. Use Eco-friendly tea bags.

Some tea bag brands use plastic to seal their tea bags, culprits include: Tetley, PG Tips & Twinings. Opt for Pukka or Teapigs instead.

7. Ditch the plastic water bottles!

Enough said. 

8. Try tea light recycling.

Both the aluminium base of the tea light & the excess wax is recyclable but millions go to landfill every year.

9. Buy local.

Here at the Theatre Deli bar we get our beer from FourPure Brewing co. They are not only eco-conscious themselves but are also only 3.5 miles away. This means that are our beer has travelled a very short distance and leaves a small carbon-footprint before being guzzled down by our thirsty patrons.