We're always hearing about what it's like to be an performer in London, but what about the other creative professions? We want to hear from the programmers, the FOH coordinators, the designers...and today:

Venue Manager of Theatre Deli Broadgate, Peter Wiedmann.

Peter’s finest achievements at Theatre Deli are opening a bottle of wine with a drill and a screw and opening a multipurpose arts and community hub in the middle of London’s busy finance district - also with a drill and a screw, and an awesome team doing most of the work. Peter also co-directs Les Foules Theatre, plays shortstop for the London Mammoths, and keeps rhythm with Erik Wellington & The Junkers. 

8:00 - Wake up. Use last bit of the only pint of milk (of human kindness) left in the house on my cereal. Feel the wrath that entails and drink my coffee black and bitter.

9:00 - Leave the house. No, that is not a camera malfunction; that is the Great British sky. Again.

10:00 - Arrive at Theatre Deli. Confront the broken objects strewn around from last night. People have been acting...hard.

12:00 - Thanks to Omar and Frank, we have a brand new, re-purposed pallet-cum-coffee table. There is also a fleet of fire extinguishers in the loading bay today. They are in date. I overcome an irrational temptation to take some with me.

14:00 - London Management Meeting, with entertainment by Eleanor, who rolls over and smashes her butt against the window. Cute.

17:00 - Raise a glass on the patio of the Deli bar with the friendly Broadgate staff (its Cordelia’s birthday).

19:00 - Crap. We need some lighting cables from storage. I'm going to have to enter the CLOSET OF DOOM.