See Mary Jane Lowe in her element at Mind the Gap on 8th March at the Deli Bar!

Alice Russell - Humankind

Alice Russell is a formidable woman with an incredible voice.  I love both her solo and collaborative projects.   I have chosen this particular song as it brings a mix of sounds together to make something truly unique.

Moloko – The Time Is Now

Roisin Murphy, the lead singer of Moloko, also has a very successful solo career.  I enjoy listening to both, but this Moloko song is one of my favourites. It brings back very fond memories for me and is a great dancing to with closed eyes.  

Ella Fitzgerald – All The Things You Are

As I like to sing Jazz, Ella is always my first point of reference when it comes to learning a new song.  Her voice, and the way she tells the story of each song, transports me elsewhere and I love the escapism I get when I listen to her sing.