We're always hearing about what it's like to be an performer in London, but what about the other creative professions? We want to hear from the programmers, the venue managers, the designers...and today:

Founder of Dark Yellow Dot, Lauren Little. 

Lauren was born in London, but grew up in Canada where she received her degrees in Fine Arts and Education. Now she's back, she continues her work in creative arts by making art and teaching it, while encouraging others to express their own creativity through her self-made projects Dark Yellow Dot & Feeding Stick Figures

8:45 : Finally wake up after pressing snooze 3 times. 

9:00 : Have a cup of tea in bed while reading the Power Path on my phone while trying to avoid checking my Instagram and email. The little red notification dot is so tempting. 

9:20 : Walk to boot camp while listening to some Spanish lessons on YouTube.  My goal is to be fluent by the end of next year. ‘Spanish with Paul’ and ‘Coffee Break Spanish’ to the rescue! 

9:45 : Boot camp is on. My stamina is not. 

10:45 : Sluggishly walk back home after a unsurprisingly challenging workout, while I catch up with my mum on the phone. 

11:30 : After a shower, I’ll head to the kitchen for some lunch. My other half made a Spanish omelette before he left for the day, how convenient! I happily stuff my face, while I finally crack down on those little red notification dots. Emails, Instagram, Facebook...

12:00 : Time to do some maintenance on my website. This could take a while. I’ll make some tea, go outside and get started. There’s blog posts that need editing and scheduling, and new events or exhibitions that I need to make graphics for. After that I’ll sort through all the submissions for the month, and choose the artists that are going to be featured on the site and on Instagram. 

3:00: I’m hungry again. This time, crab and spinach salad. It’s already been three hours since my last cup of tea so I’ll make another. Honey, lemon & ginger tea.. you can’t go wrong. 

3:30: Back to the computer to finish up any ‘must do today’s’ that are still left on my to do list. Before I close my computer, I print off a register and feedback forms because my PaintFix class is tonight! 

4:30: Gotta get ready, change my clothes, put my face on. Sort my paint colours and throw away empty tubes. Sort my brush sizes out too. Anything that makes set-up easier. Pack all the art supplies I’ll need for class and head to Theatre Deli. Almost forgot the wine! 

On the train, I’ll listen to music add new songs to the Spotify playlist I’ll play in class. 

6:00: Get to Deli with all my gear. Say hi to whoever is behind the bar and tell them where to send anyone asking for PaintFix. I make my way upstairs to the studios and boardrooms. Say hi to whichever new or familiar face that’s behind the desk, introduce myself or catch up, and find out which rooms I can steal tables from. People will be arriving at 7 so I’ve got to move tables, set-up art supplies (thanks to my past-self this is whole lot quicker), fill the water cups, and chill the wine. But first, music!

7:00: As people arrive, I’ll pour them some wine and introduce myself before we get the painting party started!

9:00 : Eleven paintings later, we’re all a little tipsy and smiley, but class is over and everyone does their part to clean up before they head home with their new work of art. I pack all my things, say goodnight the receptionist and head downstairs. I say bye and thanks to the bar staff and any people from the class that have decided to stay for a drink while their paintings dry. I head to Liverpool Street to catch my train home. 

10:30: Once home, I leave everything by the door and head straight to the kitchen to boil the kettle, before I change out of my clothes and have yet another cup of tea in bed. Now… what to watch on Netflix?