11:00am: My life exists in the evening so the working day starts later, on this particular day I’m up and heading in to Deli Broadgate for lunchtime.

11:30am: My inbox is filled with emails from musicians and on my train in I enjoy the videos they’ve sent - picking out my favourites to show Sophie (bar manager and all round superwoman). 

12:00pm: As I walk through a busy Broadgate lunchtime I can almost taste my Old Spike Oatly Flat white that kick starts my daily shift. A smile goes a long way in the café/bar game so I always check I’ve got one plastered on my face as I walk in.

12:30pm: Treated myself to a slice of Sergio’s Delicious Spanish omelette, damn that’s a luxury omelette. 

12:35pm: Coffee is so good, this job has converted me to Oat milk - the best alternative both in taste and for digestion.

1:00pm: Before we get the afternoon rush I move the tables to the side of the room ready for Red Room Tango. Each week the space opens, the lights go down and the bar becomes a dark Argentinian dance spot, full of inviting eyes and sensual bodies. 

2:30pm: I get the email from Marcus, a student at Guildhall School if Music and Drama that’s just a short walk from the Café. Live at Lunch Musicians are confirmed for tomorrow, we have Jazz Music Students every Wednesdays at lunchtime and in the early evenings - they are extremely talented and worth a watch. 

Right, gear up for the evening service - candles out, stock refilled - we’ve powered through our Peanut Butter Stout supply so the fridge is looking empty. Who knew a peanut butter stout would do so well! 

As I leave the relative calm of the stock room into a bustling bar, pints are pouring almost constantly. The building regulars of stirling bank, BIG and Kingfisher are all happily chatting with drinks in hand. 

8:00pm: The Tango DJ takes over the tunes with his mix of classic and contemporary Tango music.  By 9pm the bar is full of people stretching and changing shoes - bottles of our Argentinian Malbec fly of the shelf. 

9:30pm: Watching the whole room elegantly move, gently making there way around the space is mesmerising. Even if you are not a dancer it’s makes for great entertainment while you drink and eat.

11:00pm: A few hours later after many cheese toasties and a couple of failed attempts to join in with the dancing the clock hits 11pm, the music stops and the clean up begins.

12:00am: Another night creating tomorrow's headaches but for now everyone’s rosey faces and friendly attitude gives me a well needed skip in my step as I hop onto my night bus home.