Cabaret, wrestling matches, and the memories of a grandmother. Three seemingly unrelated things that are brought together by the vision of a woman’s eye. Theatre Deli are proud to support and platform femxle artists who are creating groundbreaking, trailblazing performance-related art. We asked three Womxn to share their perspectives of womxnhood to mark the beginning of our celebration of International Women’s Month. Here’s what they had to say. 


What does ‘Womxnhood’ or ‘Sisterhood’ mean to you, and how have you connected this through the work you do?


Molly Hemsley: Sisterhood is certainly very important to me, I see many of the other drag artists I regularly perform with as my sisters and it's such a wonderful feeling. My drag character is called Heather Duster and is partially named after my mum who's name is Heather. I see a lot of inspirational qualities in my mum that have also translated to my drag - hardworking, passionate but always up for a good time she finds the fun in whatever she does!              

Burning Hearts Fighting Entertainment: "Sisterhood" to me is about unselfconscious support and care between whoever you consider your sisters. Sisterhood is something you build. I think what really links "Sisterhood" to the work that Burning Hearts do is how we’re able to work together to get shows off the ground and letting everyone grow at their own pace. (Kayla Fizz)                                                                                                                                     

 Photo By Rob Brazier

MariannaMalena Thearte Company: We associate womanhood with the notion of sorority, the support and encouragement between women. We believe that when one woman becomes stronger, we all do to a certain extent, and we have tried to bring that concept into a collaborative approach within the rehearsal space. Each member of the company has their own discipline and strong point, and by them being able to explore their ideas to the fullest, the whole of the show becomes more solid.                                                                                                                              

What do you love most about being a woman, and how has your background (cultural or other) shaped that?

Molly: I am an AFAB (Assigned Femxle at Birth) performer and my drag character is also femxle and sometimes people find this hard to understand. Since I started performing in Drag I've started to fully embrace my femininity and celebrate my body. 

Burning Hearts: If asked this question 20 years ago I would have said nothing, all I saw around me growing up was a double standard of boys being excused whilst girls were criticised. Today though, this frustration and recognition of the assumptions people make about women have encouraged me undermine the tradition and define my own world and identity because quite frankly you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I’ve curated my own high femme, pastel world I couldn’t be happier. (Brightside)

MarianaMalena: This is a tricky question to answer, because we have never been anything other than women. We can tell you what we love and admire about each other: Malena admires Mariana's drive and commitment, as well as her ability to make everyone around her feel cared for and appreciated. She loves the way Mariana explores concept physically, and the face she makes when she tries a new movement routine. Mariana admires Malena's problem solving skills, and her versatility to bring different set of skills to the team. Mariana appreciates that Malena has the ability to both be a leader, while simultaneously making people feel listened to. Mariana loves Malena's broccoli pasta. Having both grown up in Latin America, we find that our cultural context has given us exceptional work ethics, but combined with an innate need to care for others and act as mothers. 

One of the best things about these amazing women is how authentically they share their perspectives through the lens of performance projects. We are excited to be showing them here at Theatre Deli in celebration of International Women’s Month 2020. 

Written by Lauren Little


10th-13th March, 7:30pm

'The following summer she met Danielito. They dated. Got engaged. Got married. Became a wife. Got pregnant. Became a mother. Became a grandmother. Became Blanca.'

The Two of Us is a show in which Mariana explores a series of major events in her grandmother's life, in an attempt to retrace her life story. Based on her grandmother's memories, she will try to understand how her female ancestors' experiences of love, frailty, and pain have shaped her own experience and left a mark on her identity as a Latin American woman.

21st March, 6:00pm

Burning Hearts are an inclusive women's wrestling collective, bringing you larger than life characters in head to head brawls at our high impact, high drama, fighting entertainment shows. We believe that there's a wider and more diverse audience for wrestling than much of the scene caters for, so even if you're not sure wrestling is for you, come to our next show at the Old Library and let us change your mind!