6:30 am: First alarm goes off - I look at it begrudgingly and change the time to 7:30 - because I am a strange human that needs time to adjust to waking up.

7:30am: Pfft.. Snooze for 10 mins because most of the night I have been awake due to Eric the Hedgehog running a marathon on his loud wheel all night - if he wasn’t so cute and I didn’t love him so much, he’d be packing his little prickly bags.

7:40/45am: Up I get, listening out for if my housemates have beaten me to the punch for the shower - the loud boom of the boiler will be going if so - luckily, I’m the winner today and I run up and jump in.

8:00: It’s the beginning of summer, and I “enjoy” the sleepy journey in between arm pits on the tube to work, desperately trying to balance my kindle in the little space I have - but I look forward to getting out of this hot tunnel and into opening the studios.

9:00: Checking all the studios for clean and tidy rooms and miscellaneous items - staff from the night before missed a pair of trousers in Studio 9… I hate to think the story behind these!

10.00: While checking who’s on staff tonight, making sure casual staff are covering each other where needed and reminding them to tidy the flyers, I drink most of the bar’s coffee supply, and eat what I know as THE BEST Scrambled Egg on toast from the chef. I’m aware most of my wage goes back to the company, but how can I resist when all the food and drink is as good as this and it goes to supporting artists!

12.00: In between answering emails and phone calls to hire space, a couple of hirers offer to buy me coffee or to help myself to the tea and milk they brought in - we have such lovely people come and hire with us! I also have a think of little promotions we could do, little bit of research for marketing, get the rota ready for next month, plan a networking evening for Deli Love members, forget to eat lunch, and wiggle to music at the desk after too much of a caffeine hit!

3:30: Training Staff - the poor people have to hear me whittle on but they are all good eggs, we have a laugh, a catch up and I promise to buy them a drink for all their hard work.

4:00: Our weekly meeting is one of my favourite of the week, where we all get together and discuss all the exciting events last week, this week’s and any other business, including talk of cake and Danielle- our marketing manager’s- 3 words of the week. My phone also pings and I have my daily notification to enter the Hamilton lottery - when will I ever win!?!?!

5:30: End of the working day, but first, I need a Gin and Tonic before I leave and a catch up with Lucy, the assistant bar manager, over the perils of our terrible love lives.

6:30: I realise how late I am! A quick journey to my next theatre review (which I do as a hobby away from Deli) at one of London’s many theatre venues. Probably another gin and tonic and I sit back for a wonderful night of performance (or so I hope!).

7:15: Phew! I got there with a bit of time to kill, so I ring home, to my family in Devon and have my bi-daily catch up with them, hearing the cute things my dogs have been up to and the hilarious events of my young nephews' lives. Apparently they’ve been running around the farm in the nude… I mean, boys will be boys.

10:30: Finally home and time to write my review and set it up for posting, check the report from my staff on how the evening went - making a mental note that we need to buy scissors, a quick cuddle with Eric and some fresh watermelon as a treat for him and I snuggle down into bed, looking forward to the next day.