This Scratch Night is a special BEYOND BORDERS Edition, celebrating the diversity of Greater London and the contribution of its migrant and refugee residents.

Get a sneak peek at the next hottest theatre, dance and circus shows, before they hit the Fringe, Off-West-End and Festival circuits.

 So what exactly is a 'Scratch Night'?

 A Scratch Night is an exciting chance to see snippits of brand new work, ranging from immersive theatre to circus acts and site-specific dance, before they become full length shows.


Followed by a panel discussion.

Age Guidence 16+


Identity, presented by Seemia Theatre - Brexit, multiculturalism, and social and economic problems are forming a new identity for the UK – but what about our identities? Our differing ages, genders, sexualities and religions have provoked a need to explore collective and individual identity. How do others define us? What effect do these labels we carry have on our lives?

I will still be whole (when you rip me in half), presented by Ava Davies - A series of interlinking duologues which follow an East Asian mother and her mixed race daughter, I will still be whole (when you rip me in half) is a poetic and vibrant work-in-progress which explores the confusion of growing up in a world set upon confining you.

Transient Boarders, presented by Sebastian H-W - a new interactive performance installation and live verbatim theatre archive, exploring the forgotten narratives of displaced Londoners relocated out of London, living in temporary accommodation as hotel boarders in cities around the UK. Weaving together both their personal testimonies with archive footage and historic legislation, threading the affects of Olympic regeneration, soaring rents and social cleansing, audiences encounter through intimate multi-sensory experiences the lives of the dispossessed (photo credit - Matthew Goodsmith)

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