‘Ironing Out’ is a play combining physical theatre, mime, dance, shadow theatre, improvisation, hip hop and poetry in Arabic and English.

The show is centred around an Ironing Shop located at the bottom of a block, run by the respected and loved Iron Man. Characters from different walks of life and journeys meet. They come to ask about loved ones lost at sea, to listen to the news and reignite lost revolutions, to ironing a school shirt or simply for some company. But threatened by the realities of this city, no one knows how long the shop will last or how the community surrounding it will respond...

Based on real life experiences and wild imagination, Ironing Out explores young migrants’ resilience in the shadow of mental health, exile, racism and displacement.

It is being created by Alleyway Radical Theatre, a collective of artists from Palestine, Hackney, Kashmir, Egypt, Spain, Japan and beyond.

It is being supported by Arts Council England, Theatre Deli, Blue Elephant Theatre and the Chris Johnston Memorial Fund.

On the evening, you will watch bits of Ironing Out. There will then be a Q&A with some of the artists involved to share feedback, thoughts and opinions to help us make the play as powerful and engaging as possible.