This blog post is to announce that after nearly four years with the company, I am leaving Theatre Deli Sheffield to go and work  at HOME in Manchester as their Talent Development Producer for Theatre. Something that I am both extremely excited to do yet very sad to say goodbye to the Deli!

This July would have marked my fourth year with Theatre Deli and I am so proud that I have forged the first part of my career here by dedicating a part of my life to the organisation and Sheffield’s ever growing creative scene. Upon telling people the news a few exclaimed ‘but Theatre Deli Sheffield is your baby!’ and whilst luckily this isn’t true, I am confident that we are growing up fast and Sheffield can now toddle along - growing more confident on its feet and learning how to behave amongst the grown up organisations and spaces across the city. I am looking forward to watching Deli grow from afar, surrounded by loved ones and close to so many people’s hearts.

In my time with Theatre Deli I have seen an Old Woolworths transform into a vibrant, jam-packed well-loved arts space full of character and chaos. I have seen our offer transform again as we moved to the Old Mothercare on St Mary’s Gate and grow over the last 9 months into a fabulous theatrical home to many of Sheffield’s artists and communities. It has been so fantastic to be a part of the creativity that has gone on within these two buildings, and incredible to witness the amount of hard work that artists and audiences alike have contributed to the space.

We have an absolutely awesome autumn season coming up, so I am leaving you with a challenge. If you love Theatre Deli and want to see it remain in the Sheffield - fill your pockets with tickets to every show and drag your friends along too - they’ll have a fantastic time! Pop in for a drink at our bar on a Friday or Saturday night. Distribute brochures wildly into every nook and cranny of the city, leave them like a breadcrumb trail back to Theatre Deli so new audiences can discover us. Throw loose change and heavy banknotes into our charity boxes to release yourselves from the pressures that money weighing down your pocket brings. But most of all - be our advocates. Talk to us. Talk about us. Talk with us. Because the road to running an independent arts venue is a tricky one, but when the house lights go down and I see something new, bright and original premier on our stage it’s a truly magically wondrous thing. Thank you for the memories and I hope I’ll bump into you at the Deli Bar again soon.

We’ve just launched our 10x10 fundraising campaign and you can donate here. We’re also about to launch a crowdfunding campaign, so watch this space!

- Sarah Sharp