Working in the arts can be stressful. We’ve got endless enthusiasm, but few resources. This can turn into long days and sleepless nights. Is the set functional? Does the programme look naff? Did we remember to buy dairy free milk for the lactose intolerant actor who has to drink tea in Act II Scene III?!

There’s so much to do, and we have such a personal investment in our work that sometimes it’s hard to take time for ourselves. Who has an hour to go to a yoga class?

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 efficient ways to practice self-care.

1- Have a 1 minute meditation break

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to check in and reset, but we rarely have the time necessary to go to a class or do a full on guided meditation. That’s where your phone comes in! There are so many quick & easy apps for meditation, that there’s no real reason not to take a minute on your morning commute to pause, and take a little breath.

2- Show your skin some love!

Start building a skin care ritual into your evening. That can be as simple as washing your face and applying some moisturiser, but if you take a bit of time with it and reflect on all of those little victories of the day, you might find that there’s more to be enthused about than you’d initially thought!

3- Dance it out

Pop on a good song and have a dance break. Shake out your stress, and you’ll see that the rest of your day is more focused as a result.

4- Get out of the building!

This one might sound simple, but we’ve all been there. Things have to get done, right? May as well work through lunch.

NO! Don’t do it! At the very least, take 15 minutes to walk outside, breathe the fresh London air and then get back to your massive to-do list.

5- Come to our Mindful Lunches

Running throughout our Mental Health Festival, pop in on a Tuesday at lunch and take some time for yourself with terrarium making, guided meditation & more!