1- They fund the Food Project

The Food Project is based on a simple idea. By providing fresh fruit, vegetables and dry food, Help Refugees can improve the diet of camp residents, while supporting them to live more independently. To enable people can cook the food they want to eat. Food that’s familiar, healthy and homely.

In a six-month period last year, they funded the distribution of over 150,000 packages of fresh fruit and veg across 17 refugee camps.

2- They help support Refugee Rescue

When rough seas, flimsy boats and the work of unscrupulous smugglers caused thousands of deaths in this short stretch of water in 2015, friends Jude and Joby realised they simply couldn’t look the other way. Bringing together volunteers from wide range of disciplines, they formed Refugee Rescue, launching their rescue boat in early 2016. Their search and rescue team’s work is often stressful, tiring and dangerous. They work 24/7; always on-call. And since starting their work, this dedicated team have helped thousands and saved many lives. Help Refugees have provided support for Refugee Rescue since 2016, funding both essential boat repairs and covering a whole range of project costs. They’ve also paid for GPS navigation equipment and night vision goggles to enable spotter teams to carry out their work more effectively at night.

3- They are the leading UK NGO in a new movement of humanitarian aid

Since their foundation in the summer of 2015, Help Refugees has grown rapidly. They are now funding more than 70 projects across Europe and the Middle East. Check out their website here to find out how you can help.

4- They help children get into education

Through their operating partners SB Overseas, Help Refugees and the Breteau Foundation have been proud to cover the entirety of funding costs for the Education and Empowerment Centre in the Orso Shelter Saida.

The school works to provide one-to-one psychological support services, children’s educational classes as well as vocational skills programmes for the female members of Saida’s refugee community.

Working to empower women and the children, the Education and Empowerment Centre strives to equip the most vulnerable members of the community with the tools that enable them to prosper. The Education and Empowerment Shelter strives to fill the gaps in knowledge, the missing skills as well as works to overcome the terms of missed curriculum that has arisen as a consequence of years of conflict and displacement.

For women who disproportionately bear communal and familial responsibilities, the struggle to find sufficient money to buy food and to pay rent for themselves and their family only intensifies the difficulty of displacement.

5- They give ample opportunity to help them help others

Did you know that a regular £5 donation provides a week’s worth of fresh fruit and veg for a child at a camp in Greece? There are so many ways you can get involved. Donate here, find out how to volunteer here, or come to our Lebanese Wine Tasting tomorrow night at Theatre Deli Broadgate. All proceeds from ticket sales go to Help Refugees and the incredible work that they do every day.