Deli Broadgate

Theatre Deli's Cafe/Bar is the ideal choice for a breakfast meeting, or a post work cocktail. With events nearly every night of the week, we're the creative place to be in Broadgate. 

Blessing Essang

'Most of my artwork consists of digital illustrations and portraits of young women, black women in particular. It is a self indulgent expression that brings me joy. My aim is to share and create imperfectly and unashamedly.' Read more

Jamel Alatise

'My work focuses on creating connections, ranging from connections within a creative process and seemingly unrelated topics, to bridging unique experience and sharing a platform for them to be showcased.' Read more

Nigel Korley-Simon

'Lately, my art has been about my rebound from mediocrity, doing things I never thought I would and expressing that through portraits of people I met along the way.' Read more

Denisha Anderson

Denisha Anderson centres her work around a fascination with humanity. Her varied practice displays an ability to explore all realms within photography; documentary, fashion and portraiture; however the key themes of identity, race and gender remain. Read more

Francilla Seaton

'My creative style is architectural graphic, graffiti wide-style accents, sprinkled with cosmic elements to give an ethereal vibe allows play with illusion of travelling back and forward through time.' Read more

Amberlee Green

'Line & Honey illustrations are minimal and line based in nature. It is common to see most of the lines within the illustrations dedicated to the subject’s hair, focusing on the complexity in the curls. Illustrating women of colour is central, particularly in order to reclaim the narrative of women of colour depicted in art.' Read more

Gabrielle Oke

'For me, there is something special in seeing a portrait which is often associated with European aristocracy featuring a person of colour. My desire is to create work dedicated to honouring the power of members of our diverse community in a delicate & engaging manner.' Read more

Fiona Wiliams

'My work is at times informed by my Jamaican heritage, and also at times representations drawn from the emotions related to freedom and escape from the strict religious sect I was bought up in. When translating a memory or a mood onto canvas, selection of colour and facial expression are key to me.' Read more

Bidemi Omirinde

'I want to see my reflection in art. I want to be able to turn a corner and know that there'll be representation of some form of me and blackness. I take photos to normalise images of blackness in life, just existing.' Read more


'My art celebrates the beauty of Black cultures. My current series entitled: QUEEN is a collaboration with London based Fashion designer: Jade Allen. The Aim of the project is to take ordinary women & adorn them in gowns to celebrate their inner royalty.' Read more

Lauren Little

Her work in the creative arts continues to evolve as she uses her time create new artwork, and encourages others to express their own creativity through her self-made projects Dark Yellow Dot & Feeding Stick Figures. Read more