Zin Vaitiekunas is a London-based artist who started his creative journey as a child in his hometown of Druskininkai , Lithuania. His influences arise not only from artists such as Picasso, Dali and Basquiat, but also from the people around him and his own life experiences.

Zin sees his own art as the result of the unconscious mind and uses various symbols in a cubist style which gives room for peoples own interpretation. His work depicts raw and rough elements of living life in a city like London. Theme - Symbolic Vision The showing works are the reflection of symbolic meaning in life through worship faith idealism emotion and science.

Each piece is a symbol of one of these aspects of life and all of them together create a story. What we have done and where we project ourselves in the future as humanity? Like indigenous people were drawing in caves their history this exhibition is a selection of the modern day cave drawings depicting humanity through his eyes.

This mind provoking art exhibition invites everyone to discuss our belief systems and to expand our minds to further unknowns.