In January he was due to do a different show but then the worst fire season in recorded history devastated his home state and burned an area the size of Britain, so in 48 hours he wrote a rapid response piece to the climate catastrophe taking place in Australia.

An evolution of that piece, this piece looks back at the events and examines the extreme weather conditions that followed the fires. 

Looking at climate change, examining survival, and questioning what's next, this piece is a space for those who were impacted by the events, an opportunity to reflect, support, and take stock at the stark impact of climate change.

A number of 100% subsidised tickets are available. Please email [email protected] if you'd like to apply for one.

David Finnigan is a writer and theatre-maker from Canberra, Australia who writes plays, creates performances and develops games at the intersection of science and art. His play Kill Climate Deniers won the Griffin Playwrights Award. David is a member of Australian science-theatre ensemble Boho, an associate of Coney (UK) and the Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Philippines).

Tickets: £5 (a number of fully subsidised tickets are available, email [email protected] to request one)

Image by Sarah Walker