Theatre Deli is your home for the FIFA World Cup! 

Just finished work and want to grab a quick pint and check the score? Or would you rather invite your mates and make an evening of it? Experience all of the highs and lows of the World Cup at Theatre Deli.

With drinks specials every night & a fresh summer snacks menu, we’re an oasis for football lovers...just adjacent to Broadgate Circle. Book your table or bespoke World Cup event by emailing [email protected]


Russia vs Saudi 16:00 14th June
Egypt v Uruguay 13:00 15th June
Portugal v Spain 19:00 15th June
France v Australia 19:00 16th June
Argentina v Iceland 14:00 16th June
Peru v Denmark 17:00 16th June
Costa Rica v Serbia 13:00 17th June
Sweden v Korea Rep 13:00 18th June
Belgium v Panama 16:00 18th June
England vs Tunisia 19:00 18th June
Colombia v Japan 13:00 19th June
Poland v Senegal 16:00 19th June
Russia v Egypt 19:00 19th June
Denmark v Australia 13:00 21st June
France v Peru 16:00 21st June
Argentina v Croatia 19:00 21st June
Brazil v Costa Rica 13:00 22nd June
Nigeria v Iceland 16:00 22nd June
Serbia v Switzerland 19:00 22nd June
England v Panama 13:00 24th June
Uruguay v Russia 15:00 25th June
Denmark v France 15:00 26th June
Nigeria v Argentina 19:00 26th June
Mexico v Sweden 15:00 27th June
Serbia v Brazil 19:00 27th June
Japan v Poland 15:00 28th June
England v Belgium 19:00 28th June
Round of 16: 1C v 2D 15:00 30th June
Round of 16: 1A v 2B 19:00 30th June
Round of 16: 1B v 2A 15:00 1st July
Round of 16: 1E v 2F 15:00 2nd July
Round of 16: 1G v 2H 19:00 2nd July
Round of 16: 1F v 2E 15:00 3rd July
Round of 16: 1H v 2G 19:00 3rd July
Quarter Finals: W49 v W50 15:00 6th July
Quarter Finals: W53 v W54 19:00 6th July
Quarter Finals: W55 v W56 15:00 7th July
Quarter Finals: W51 v W52 19:00 7th July
Semi Finals: W57 v W58 19:00 10th July
Semi Finals: W59 v W60 19:00 11th July
Finals: L61 v L62 15:00 14th July 3rd
Place W61 v W62 16:00 15th July