Introducing Gender’s A Drag in conjunction with The City Of London’s Women: Work And Power – a programme of events and activities that examines the struggle for gender equality through the ages while celebrating a number of significant anniversaries in 2018.

 As women continue to challenge and redefine gender roles across the spectrum of social, political and artistic norms, London’s Drag scene is expanding. Drag Kings (performers taking on traditionally masculine characteristics) are becoming prominent fixtures of the circuit and we are excited to welcome royalty to The Nursery Theatre for an evening of improvised drag – all the more thrilling, fascinating and unpredictable because it’s completely made up in the moment! Who will be crowned King of Kings? Comb that moustache into place and come and find out!

Christian Adore
(one half of Christian Adore & Eaton Messe’s Dragprov Revue)
Loveable soft boy Christian Adore usually performs with sassy queen Eaton Messe as part of the five-star improvised cabaret Dragprov Revue.

Brent Would
Drag King Sensation Brent Would is an Essex Lad with a passion for music, rap & Justin Bieber. WWJD – what would Justin do?

The Bareback Kings
Improv comedy team. Just a bunch of regulars dudes. Sitting in a pub. Doing regular dude stuff.

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