It's easy to lose your voice somewhere along the way in life. Maybe we lost it down the back of the sofa whilst the world was telling us who we are. Maybe we lost it in a past relationship whilst learning how to love. Or maybe we lost it gradually to the way society has shaped us in all relationships. In this 2 hour workshop, explore what the queer voice holds and join a space which dismantles the construct of what 'woman' sounds like. As a group we will collectively draw out the voice and release what has been stuck  waiting to shout, scream, sing and confidently tell us what our bodies have been waiting to hear. Led by Winter James, a freelance gig-theatre director focussed on grassroots initiatives within intersectional feminism; this workshop was created to welcome all who are seeking to explore the voice and how it can be released to better perform on stage or in every day life. No previous experience necessary. Please be prepared to move, sing and make a lot of noise within a group!


Jan 26 4-6PM

Feb 23 4-6PM
Mar 23 4-6PM
Apr 20 4-6PM
May 25 4-6PM
Free event!