Prepare for the unexpected – King Lear Re-told.
Under the Stars give a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. Mixing the language of today with the physicality and ritual of a world now deceased. King Lear re-told shows us the violent and tragic consequences of trying to quench an insatiable thirst for power, reputation and love.

The Death of Black Beard
In 1718, across the wild high seas. Our story is of revenge and comeuppance, of tragedy and loss.
Black Beard and his merciless crew; murderers, plunderers, criminals and beggars.
The Royal Navy; colonialists, enforces, businessmen and rulers.
Join us and learn how Black Beard met his end at the hands of The Royal Navy.

Forest of Dreams
A tiny seed. A good intention. When all the right causes and conditions come about, something magical can happen.
Join us on a mind bending journey into the forest of dreams were the passengers of Flight 747 discover that the greatest journeys often happen within one’s own heart.

About The Company:

Under the Stars is a small Charity in Sheffield that works solely with adults with learning disabilities and or Autism.  We believe in the talent and potential of people with learning disabilities. Encouraging them to challenge and develop themselves individually, whilst creating an environment of confidence and compassion in order to work within an ensemble performance