You are cordially invited to take a peek inside Madame Fanny Du Thé’s cabinet of curiosities! Unsatisfied with simply staying still and looking pretty, Fanny has ventured across seas and explored the world.

Now she’s back, and wants to share her new-found worldly wisdom with you, you lucky devils. Reach into her cabinet and join Fanny on a musical voyage of hilarity. Tales of woe, tales of science, tales of curses, tales of defiance. (Also, some juggling.) But beware! Somebody's out to sink her ship.  

Riddlestick Theatre are dedicated to tickling fancies with weird and wonderful stories and enchanting live music. Roll up your sleeves and choose the tales we tell in this riotous celebration of curiosity and imagination. Will you fondle the Frenchman’s finger? Will you meet the talking sheep? There’s only one way to find out – come along and take a peep.

“Through tales of pirates, milkmen and mad scientists, the ensemble create a vibrant world of adventure. Their energy is boundless, the script fiercely intelligent and the original live music bound to stay dancing through your head... Riddlestick’s second show is a late-night riot” – Kate Wyver, The Guardian (in The Guardian’s ‘Best Shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2018)

12+ Sexual References, Mild Swearing