'The following summer she met Danielito. They dated. Got engaged. Got married. Became a wife. Got pregnant. Became a mother. Became a grandmother. Became Blanca.'

The Two of Us is a show in which Mariana explores a series of major events in her grandmother's life, in an attempt to retrace her life story. Based on her grandmother's memories, she will try to understand how her female ancestors' experiences of love, frailty, and pain have shaped her own experience and left a mark on her identity as a Latin American woman.

The generational gap between grandmother and granddaughter is presented through key fragments of both of their lives.This journey, full of paths that cross (but also divert), prompts audiences from diverse backgrounds to reflect on their own identity, and how life choices affect who we are. In this show, music, languages and movement come together to create a landscape of Latin American families and traditions.

Creative Team:
Mariana Aristizábal Pardo: Deviser and Performer
Malena Arcucci: Designer, Deviser and Performer
Bryan Muñoz: Musician, Deviser and Performer
Santiago Peluffo: Writer 
Andrea Spisto: Dramaturg
Christian From: Movement Director
Katie Melton: Creative Producer