The Nursery presents a night of improvised theatre – completely made up on the spot! Every show features a selection of talented improvisers from across the UK and beyond bringing you some of the most exciting unscripted theatre around. Watch them create everything from short scenes to an entire musical live on stage in front of your eyes!

Tonight’s show features…

The Pioneers are a long-form improv act, performing such formats as The Harold, The Commando, and The Montage. The Pioneers’ continuing mission is to explore new worlds and to boldly go where no other improviser has gone before. In these new worlds they create fun, fast-paced scenes with characters that you care about, even if that character is a spider who’s your boss or a talking gargoyle.


Jinni Lyons is an Only Child – Comical, lyrical, improvised theatre from an Only Child.  Come and watch her people the stage with myriad companions in a series of vignettes charting each character’s quirks and peccadilloes, dilemmas and dreams.

“Astonishing and hilarious” – Hideout Theatre, Austin, Texas
“Magical intimate character improv” – Bristol Improv Theatre
“An exemplary improviser…I have never seen anyone like her” – Mike McShane, Whose Line is it Anyway?


The Nursery Ensemble