Imagine wanting all your life to visit Italy, the country of your dreams. Imagine boarding your plane – you’ve saved for months, bought new clothes, read all the guide books – only to be told on touchdown that you’re in The Netherlands...

The Netherlands isn’t about travel, it’s about being the parent of a child with a learning disability in an often unhelpful world. It’s about finding out, despite yourself, that The Netherlands is a beautiful, wonderful country.

Told by 2 performers onstage who talk to us directly - but never acknowledge each other - they reflect on their lives, the breakdown of their relationship and magnificent, terrifying, joyful, heart-breaking chaos that is the reality of caring for a child with a disability.

Employing poetic text, video design and painfully honest performance, this is a that play will speak to everyone who has known the magnificent, terrifying, joyful, heart-breaking chaos that is becoming a parent.

First created eight years ago, The Netherlands has been reworked and updated after extensive conversations, tea and cake, with parents across the North of England.

The Netherlands is supported by Arts Council England, Mind the Gap, Interplay Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Cast Doncaster.

Recommended 14+