'When a rolled-up newspaper can be a telescope, and a garden fork could be a trident, anything is possible...' 

The Green Ship is the first ever stage adaptation of Quentin Blake's heart-warming illustrated book about childhood, friendship, friendship and the power of the imagination. Whilst away from home on a family holiday, two young siblings climb over a neighbour’s wall into a large garden. They discover a huge ship made out of trees and bushes, and a thrilling adventure begins...

★★★★ Outline Magazine: “Librarian Theatre delighted the audience who, at the play’s close, clapped as enthusiastically as one can in a library. "The Book’s The Thing" demonstrated the strength of theatre, and also the fruits of innovation.”

Founded in 2015 by Tom Cuthbertson and Kelly Eva-May, Librarian Theatre is a not for profit company who support libraries and communities around the UK by creating accessible, affordable tours of innovative theatrical adaptations.