Tonight’s show features…

The Fauna of Penny Forest – Some kind of catastrophe has befallen the fauna of Penny Forest. Will they rise up and overcome it, flee to pastures new, or die horribly? (You never know.) Come along and uncover/decide their fate in this colourful (mostly green) tale of triumph and trepidation, with an eclectic cast of slimy, scaly, feathered and furry friends, all chosen by you the audience!


Ten Thousand Million – Heather and Jules have toured their show ‘Ten Thousand Million Love Stories’ across three continents, but are sick of love and want to explore something else. ‘Ten Thousand Million’ presents all of the Heather and Jules, but without the love. A two-person improvised play, this show is a combination of the goofy and the sincere. It is never fully serious and never fully joking.

“Could this be the future of Comedy?” – FringeGuru


Acaprov – Hamilton meets Pitch Perfect… spontaneously improvised! Imagine a new kind of improvised musical: beatboxers, rappers, singers and body percussionists all of whom happen to be talented actors, coming together a capella to improvise a fresh new musical improv show that you’ll never forget!