A play about autism, with a difference.

Sometimes we all feel different, but not everyone has that confirmed by a professional.

The Duck grew up confused and fascinated by the world around her, but it is only when she receives her autism diagnosis that all those misunderstandings start making sense.

A funny and moving new play by autistic writer and poet, Rhi Lloyd-Williams. The Duck is an exploration of one woman’s life after she gets her autism diagnosis. Patterns and connections are fashioned from fragments of memories, as you follow the tangential threads through her mind, in this powerful and beautiful play, starring Lucy Theobald, and Directed by Jo Loyn.

Imagine you spent your whole life believing everyone was pretending and that everyone wore a mask. Imagine you are the swan who instead of finding your place in the world, built a duck-mask and learnt to waddle instead.

Reviewed as ‘a masterclass in intimate story telling’ this award-winning play will show you a whole new way to look at the world.

Ages 12+


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About the Company:

An autistic-led theatre company, Autact Theatre CIC specialises in producing work that includes autistic people in the production process and not just as subject matter. We believe that it is only through inclusion that people’s stories can be heard. Currently touring the UK with The Duck.