A hot Summer day in the North of England...

Skiving school, two childhood friends hang out amongst the headstones of an inner-­‐city graveyard. Sharing the space are a recently redundant Post-­‐Office worker and her grown-­‐up daughter – hunting for the grave of a famous Wartime musician. The trees are in leaf and the wildflowers bloom amongst the moss-­‐covered monuments, while high above them a light aircraft scuds through the clouds.

Unbeknownst to all of them, terror is lurking in the sky.

‘Terror From The Skies’ is a solo storytelling show that questions the impact of big business capitalism on local communities, while asking questions about the other myths that unite and divide us in the shared spaces where we live. 

About the Artist

Matthew is a writer and storyteller with a wealth of experience in theatre, live art, performance, site-­‐specific work and meaningful projects that engage communitiesas co-­‐authors and creators of high quality work. As Artistic Director of Moveable Feast Productions he works with a wide range of other artists to generate work with a local voice and national resonance across platforms.