A series of interactive experiences and workshops combining the political uses of imagination and alternative strategies of resistance by writer and producer Maria Leonard. 

Using prompts, texts, pieces of performance and film, this series ranges from writing workshops to intimate salons to experimental interactive tutorials. 

Develop, explore and identify creative strategies to disrupt writing conventions and dominant narratives. These workshops form part of a series that looks at redefining resistance through artistic practice through focusing on the relationship between imagining, political organising and temporality. From disrupting linear narrative, to engaging with notions of memory and ritual, through to queer questioning and making chaos to produce new meaning. 

We’ll go through developing methodologies, exploring a range of artistic and popular works that challenge, ask questions and inform. 

If you have been wondering how you can continue to get up and create under late capitalism, then this series is for you.

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Instagram: @marialeond_

Register for each event individually. 

Workshop 1: 

May 9th POSTPONED until June 6th

Wild Things: Interruption, Noise and Chaos - BOOK HERE

Join in the Wild Things workshop to develop your creative practice, or to get you unstuck, through embracing interruption and blockage, inarticulacy and chaos, mess and noise, interruption and repetition.

June 6th, 18:30-20:00 

An image of multiple lines of various colours as a broken screen

Workshop 2: 

Redefining Resistance: Pleasure, Ritual, Memory in Your Creative Practice - BOOK HERE

Writing to resist comes in many different forms. Not just manifesto writing, but strategies of pleasure, ritual and memory are ways your creative practice can resist, question and provoke dialogue.

May 16th, 18:30-20:00

A photo of a sign saying love & resistance Stonewall 50

Workshop 3: 

Queer Performance, Cruel Optimism: Feminist Snap, Possibility and Political Imagination - BOOK HERE

Drawing on notions of ‘the feminist killjoy’, this is an interactive workshop open to all.

May 23rd, 18:30-20:00

A photo of a person in a white costume with make up

Workshop 4: 

Anticipation: Futures, Entanglement and Temporality - BOOK HERE

What is grief time? What is deep time? What is splicing? All of these can be used in your creative practice to unearth inconsistencies, contradictions and playful alternatives to linear narratives.

June 13th, 18:30-20:00

An image of a grey area that looks like soil or sand with a stream of water going through