StitchinFiction is a rehearsed reading performance platform, where creatives are invited to come, stretch their skills, and challenge themselves in an informal workshop setting. Writers will work with the actor(s) and one of our Resident Directors to get them from page to stage in just a few hours!

What are we looking for? Like-minded creatives who seek a platform for collaborative theatre-making opportunities. That's it! Whether you're fresh out of your thesis or seasoned with scripts, SF's doors are open for all the apply.

SF have teamed up with Theatre Delicatessen to seek out, support, and present some of the UK's upcoming boldest and brightest!

You bring the words to life. On the night, you will collaborate with your writer, and rehearse the piece for one hour before the public scratch performance. All performers must complete a one-page registration form. Oh, and another thing - you have nothing to prepare, and you'll have no idea what your working on, or with who, until that night. Up for the challenge? 

You provide the words for the performer, and collaborate with one of our Resident Directors on the night. All submissions MUST be sent through email with a one-page registration form. Submissions should be between 10 and 15 minutes (maximum). Ready to get that script off your lap and onto stage?

Registration forms are available to download from 

The events are scheduled to finish at approximately 9:30pm, when the bar is open for networking - so even if you can't take part, please feel free to come along, watch the performances from 7:30pm, or come and socialise afterwards!