Stevie is 17. She’s peak cool, or so she thinks.

In the middle of the wide eyed stagger from girlhood to womanhood Stevie is sent to live in the middle of nowhere with her Grandma. Suffolk - the home of doggers, folklore and Stan. Stan is peak geek, not that he knows. There are secrets in the marshland, songs that will show Stevie the way. Interwoven with beautiful live folk music from award-winning band TRILLSSonglines is a coming-of-age love story in all its awkward teen glory.

A HighTide and DugOut Theatre co-production


Founded by a group of comedians, writers, musicians and actors, DugOut create new work that is often funny, sometimes sad, usually hopeful and almost always musical. It warms your heart, moves your feet, treats your eyes, lightens your load, tickles your fancy and swells your heart.

Taking our joyful, popular plays around the country, we perform in a range of intimate spaces – from studio theatres to country pubs – and believe in bringing our unique brand of theatre magic to audiences everywhere.


HighTide is theatre company and charity based in East Anglia that has an unparalleled eleven-year history of successfully launching the careers of emerging British playwrights.

We enable new and underrepresented playwrights to express their visions of contemporary politics and society, demonstrate their creative potential and therein showcase the future of theatre.

HighTide: new theatre for adventurous people.

Recommended 12+

Photo credit: Helen Maybanks