We all have one thing in common; we have a mother. And women everywhere share one thing; we are
someone's daughter. What do we inherit? Why do we do the things we do? Am I turning into her?

This verbatim style show gathers stories from women across the local area on the subject of 'motherhood'.
This umbrella topic covers a plethora of subjects, from our own relationships with the women in our tribe,
to going into labour, to trying to get pregnant and failing, the argument of childless vs childfree, IVF
journies, an abortion experience, miscarriage, surrogacy, endrometrisosis, adoption, post natal depression
and the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. As you can see, the stories are endless...

Our strong all female cast will work together in the week leading up to the show forming monologues from
the women we have talked to and will deliver these in their raw, unfiltered form. Motherlogues will be a
wonderful array of funny, heart-warming, sad, but above all, honest stories that appeal to all audience

"A celebration of women by women for everyone, something that theatre is sorely missing at the moment"

***** The Open Door

Forked Theatre established themselves to specifically look at the choices modern women are faced with. The co-founders, spanning 3 decades, found themselves with a distinctly feminist voice, simply by writing about what really matters to them at the various junctures in their lives.

To learn more about Forked, please visit http://www.forkedtheatre.co.uk/