A 3 hour art and poetry making workshop for people of all ages and backgrounds, using sci-fi, robots, aliens and space travel to explore neurodiversity, disability, gender, and the idea of being an outsider. 

This workshop will be one of 6 happening around the UK as part of the development for a new family show for under 10s called Spectacular Spacebots. 
It's suitable for children, adults, artists, animators, poets and anyone interested in having a go and seeing where their imagination takes them.

Spectacular Spacebots is about a robot called Hashtag who wants more than anything to be human. It explores toxic ideas about masking and having to act "normal" in order to be accepted as human, in a fun and vibrant way, mixing poetry, song, projection mapped animation and live digital puppetry.


Edalia Day is a trans/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker based in Norwich.

For more info on Edalia's work head to www.edaliaday.co.uk
To see art, animation and behind the scenes info on the show's development check out Edalia's instagram: