Packed with guts and heart, The Pursuit of Success is a physical and topical devised show that wonders what happens to your story when someone else holds the pen? Through the story of a screenwriter, and with the ambition to share the true story of pilot pilot Amy Johnson, this surreal show explores female representation and ambition in the 1930's as well as today.

Part gig/ part dream, Lobster Frock’s debut play has a distinct style which fuses vocal looping,
physical storytelling and comedy. By skilfully and shamefully dissecting sexism and feminism, can we start to understand how we have reached the daily prejudices which we accept as normal? Can we fight the power? Or have we already lost?

Audience Feedback:

'The more we have thought about the script, the cleverer it has become.'

'Captivating from beginning to end.' 

'It was honest, very relatable and motivational.'

Running Time: Approx  50 minutes
Age Recommendation: N/A


£8.00 (Students) - £10.00 (Standard)