Token Toni loves a bitta bashment and will ONLY date Black and Brown womxn, my barber holds the cure for my lesbian urges and straight womxn are like junk food.

Your anxiety must of got lost in the smoke,
cuz there’s that chair behind me,
I slump nervously,
Your hands are over me,
Quietly you tell me,
I’ve never given anyone a lap dance before,

Pink Lemonade, so sour so sweet.

How can we ever truly be ourselves when society constantly tells us how to perform?

Exploring masculinity and lesbianism in Black womxn, Pink Lemonade examines how, from childhood through to our most intimate relationships as adults, social, racial and cultural stigmas can impact the way we view ourselves.

Performed to a backdrop of verbatim, poetry and sound, the show aims to deconstruct micro-aggressions and seeks to transform the discourse around the fetishism of queer womxn and black and brown bodies.